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Expensive Sneaker Disease?

Podiatrists are seeing an increase in so-called ‘expensive sneaker disease’

Expensive sneaker disease: the phenomenon of people suffering foot injuries from wearing inappropriate footwear for the activities they wish to perform.

And more often, fashion is to blame.

Lewis Citroen, a podiatrist from Melbourne’s, says previously, there was a trend toward minimalist running shoes.

That has now been replaced by the “casual use of running shoes”, which he says is totally fine.
It’s the inverse – the wearing of casual shoes for physical activity – which is a huge, and potentially dangerous, problem.

The three most common issues he sees are

  1. Sneakers with a low pitch (which increases the load on the Achilles and calf)
  2. Sneakers with the wrong width (a leading cause of corns, calluses and bunions)
  3. Unstable footwear (can be aggravated by activities requiring quick changes of direction)

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