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시드니 좋은 발병원

안녕하세요, 시드니 좋은 발병원 홈페이지에 오신 것을 환영합니다
저희는 호주 시드니에 위치한 발전문 병원 (Podiatry Clinic)입니다

Professional care

족부 의학 (Podiatry) 에
기반한 발 전문 의료 서비스

Holistic approach

발 문제를 일으키는 하반신과
걷는 자세 등의 종합적인 분석

Happy patients

최고의 의료 서비스를 통한
최상의 환자 경험과 만족 제공


발병원 (Podiatry Clinic) 은 족부와 족관절, 하지 질환 전문 병원입니다.

발통증, 발목통증, 종아리 통증, 무릎통증, 허벅지통증, 고관절통증
발톱무좀, 내성발톱, 족저사마귀, 평발교정, 소아발질환, 당뇨관련 발질환

발과 건강

발이 건강해야 전신이 건강합니다. 발이 편하면 온 몸이 튼튼합니다.
시드니 좋은 발병원의 블로그를 구독해 보세요.


좋은 발병원에서 만든 발건강 관련 자료 모음집

What is everyone saying?

Based on 29 reviews
Natalie S
Natalie S
21. January, 2022.
Fantastic experience! John was very thorough and treated my dry/cracked feet with the upmost care. I am glad I trusted the Google reviews and made a booking with his practice. Highly recommend to anyone who has feet issues, he is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to chat to. Amazing!
Adam Ferris
Adam Ferris
16. September, 2021.
Dr Jue Han Lee's careful examination and successful diagnosis of a problem that had been causing me long-term pain and his persistence in treating the condition helped me to walk normally again -- and for that I will be forever grateful.
richie p
richie p
4. June, 2021.
Having been to other podiatrist, I have to say Best Feet Podiatry is the best I've been to. Not only is John knowledgeable his service is exemplary. He takes very good care of his patients as well. Highly recommended.
Rose Park
Rose Park
28. April, 2021.
I made sure to wait after a few visits before posting a review because it’s important to be certain of the doctor and the clinic. After at least four visits and a toenail removal surgery five weeks ago, I am very confident that others will have a great experience with Dr. John (Jun) and the reception desk staff. Everything is organized and timely. Dr. John is friendly, personable and investigates the source of the foot problem and provides a clear explanation of solutions. I recommend him to everyone because they will be lucky like me to have someone to care about their feet as I have. I have a foot drop condition due to nerve damage and had to remove the pinky toenail that was merging into it skin and causing severe pain. I got quotes from $2000 and up at my local foot clinics in Lakemba and thank God my husband found this doctor in Eastwood. It is worth the 40 minute drive and cost us $400. I’m not associated with them, I just don’t want others spending their hard earn money somewhere else when they can save money here. Best, Rose
morgs davidson
morgs davidson
22. November, 2020.
I started seeing John at the start of the year due to a recurring toenail infection that wasn't getting better through the treatment of other practitioners , He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and persisted to look after me until we found the root of the problem. I would happily recommend John to anyone as a expert in podiatry and I am extremely happy with his services!
William Ellis
William Ellis
6. September, 2020.
Dr John is fantastic,polite, professional & helpful. I would highly recommend him.
Omar Shakhtour
Omar Shakhtour
11. July, 2020.
more than happy
Katherine Bourdou
Katherine Bourdou
19. March, 2020.
John is a great professional .He is caring for my feet in an exceptional manner putting me at ease with my concerns .I highly recommended John .
Georgina Bourdou
Georgina Bourdou
19. March, 2020.
I’ve been seeing John for continuous nail and foot treatment not only is he courteous but also knowledgeable in his care .I would highly recommend him as a health professional

Podiatrist, John Lee

시드니 좋은 발병원 대표 Podiatrist 존입니다.

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